National Institute of Health Unit Page
All worksheets for the course, background information and animations

The New Science of Addiction
Excellent resource from the University of Utah

Should Prescription Drugs be Advertised Directly to Consumers?
Pros and Cons of the issue

Cocaine Action at Synapse
Watch the normal functioning and then click on 'Cocaine' to see the action of cocaine at the synpase

Anatomy and Physiology Animations
Variety of animations. Do not worry about the ones crossed out

Action of Drugs at the Synapse 1
Animation of the synapse and the action of drugs

Action of Drugs at the Synapse 2
Animation and detailed written information on the mechanism of action

Brain Center
Lots of good info on the brain

Sheep Brain Dissection
Check out the parts you don't know

In depth look at the action of some neurotransmitters

Rock Reform

A bill with significant reforms to the Rockefeller Drug Laws is being heavily negotiated in Albany right now. Bridget Brennan, New York City special narcotics prosecutor, talks about her office's concerns

Sixth Sense Video