B. Do clinical trials on illegal drugs like ecstasy send the message that recreational use of the drug is OK?

No. Using any drug for recreational use is not doing your body any favors. The clinical trials have shown that the use of the illegal drugs such as ecstasy can have a positive impact on curing people that have problems such as experiencing flashbacks and other problems that come with the use of LSD. The use of any drugs should only be used when following the medical guidelines given an individual by a certified doctor. It's positive to know that the use of some illegal drugs can have a good effect on someone that needs help, but it doesn't make it right to use the drug for a recreational use. Ecstasy is a very powerful drug just like many other drugs that are illegal. By not taking the drug you are doing your body a huge favor instead of making it do something and perform actions that it's not used too. The feeling of euphoria is not worth the risks that come with ecstasy and the long term effects that can come with the recreational use of the drug. It's important to the medical world that they have used ecstasy on patients that are in need and the results have been encouraging. Like many of the other drugs ecstasy and other illegal drugs should only be used under medical guidelines given by a doctor. The clinical trials have shown that they have been effective on people that have used LSD, which is a perfect example of these people not needing ecstasy as a treatment if they had stayed away from the drug in the first place. Putting your body at risk to do drugs recreatioanlly is not a risk that is worth taking, no matter the medical results. -MN

No. I believe that the clincial trials on drugs such as Ecstasy are completly different than its recreational use. The clinical trials are preformed in a controlled environment with prefessionals who know what they are doing. The reasons for clinical trials are to find more information, learn more about its effects, and to gain awarness of the drug. These results are to better our society. In the 1980s, a few patients started taking ecstasy as an aid to psychotherapy. Some of the users said that it helped them to understand them selves better. However, there were no clincial trials (MDMA ). Perhaps if there were, we would be able to know more for sure, medically. By using drugs like ecstasy recreationaly, you are simply hurting your body and most people use it simply for euphoria. People with medical experience will know how to leave you with the minimal amout of damage. The reasons for both are completly different and change things ethically. Using the illegal drug recreationaly, is also against the law. Clinical trials should have the right to preform them legally because it's results are important for our society. The results they obtain are what help determin whether the drug should be illegal and in what cases it should be used. It will aslo give reasons as to why it shouldn't be used and this will prevent more people from breaking that law with its use.